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  2. "DOLL GLAM" beauty advertorial for Watsons Philippines/ SM Store Beauty Section as seen in MEGA Magazine July 2014 Issue.

    Photographer: Ron Mendoza of Studio 100 Art Direction: Kat Ferrer of One Mega Group Makeup: Cherry Pacheco Hair: Muriel Vega Perez Model, post-processing: Me

    This is my first ever advertorial and I just really want to thank everybody who made it happen.

    The theme was THE DIFFERENT TYPES OF GYARU and how to achieve these looks. Well, if you follow my blog and my instagram, you probably know how I love Japanese culture so much; from their fashion, makeup, hair, even their music!

    Included in the spread are Japanese brands I actually use such as Dolly Wink, Majolica Majorca, Kate Tokyo, Lucido-L and brands I have yet to try like Palty, Beautylabo, Kanebo, Heroine Make and Line Beat!

    Other famous brands are also included such as Clio (Korean), Maybelline (New York), Pixy (Ireland) and Bys (Australia).

    You don’t know how giddy I am when I saw my face along side these awesome products.

    I’m just very happy that all these brands are now conveniently available in all leading Watsons and SM Beauty sections nationwide!

    I can’t wait for the time comes when the Gyaru/Kawaii fever takes over every lady out there! If you can’t wait to try it yourself, THE SM STORE beauty section is having a FREE MAKEOVER (DOLL GLAM inspired) happening at SM North Edsa The Block this coming July 25-27! Plus, my all time idols, Tricia Gosingtian and Alodia Gosiengfiao will be there!

    Make sure to check out their facebook page for more details.
  3. Test shoot for Watsons/ SM Beauty Campaign.
    Photographer: Ron Mendoza of Studio 100
    Art Direction: Kat Ferrer of One Mega Group
    Makeup: Cherry Pacheco
    Hair: Muriel Vega Perez
    Model, post-processing: Me


    (Choies 'Girls Bite Back' crop shirt and 'KKXX' clutch; ROMWE black pleated skirt; Hype this on lookbook.nu here.)

    Finally, after such a long hiatus, I’m BACK with a new look! My version of the off-duty look. Finally had some time to waste

    The past few months have been very busy. I’ve been doing a ton of commuting to and from castings and VTRs, doing shoots and campaigns for my One Mega Group family, fulfilling my prize as Hana Shampoo No Filter Beauty Ambassador and I even landed a role in a TVC!

    All of which I would blog about if I had the time and the right emotions to do so ha!

    At the same time, I celebrated my birthday, which means I’m already 21. An age where I think I’ll be mature and working, but still I’m in my immature waiting phase, LOL.

    Don’t want to elaborate it, but it just means that I’m not doing the things I really want to be doing at this age. But I guess I should really just stay strong.

    Anyway, this crop shirt I got from Choies, totally reminded me what kind of girl who I want to be. Well, not someone who bites back (I think that would be weird, or naught, IDK) haha! But someone who is strong enough to fight.

    I’ve been obsessing about urban clothing lately and now I’m so into Statement/Printed items nowadays! Shirts, hats, jewelry, even bags! I can’t wait to find and search for more captions like these that can show everyone how I’m feeling even I’m not talking!

    I’m pretty timid and I’m not that really good at opening topics, so I think shirts like this are awesome conversation starters. Specially for girls!

    And I think they’re too cute and simple, you can pair it with almost anything! the perfect casual shirt I must say.

    Paired it with a black pleated skirt which is coming back as a trend. I swear, clothes that my mom used to wear just keeps coming back from the “so last year” to “so this season”.

    Pleats are so cool right now, it makes me feel like I’m a bad-ass or something, hence the poses. But really, don’t you think this skirt from ROMWE is too cute and sexy to resist?

  5. Vivi 14.05 Trends x ROMWE Wishlist

    Here are some of my favorite trends from May issue of ViVi magazine! Featuring ROMWE items and ways how you can sport the trend yourself!

    01. Border ~ Denim

    Stripe Midriff/ Stripe Loose Shirt/ Stripe Long Sleeves

    Denim Coat/ Off=shoulder Stripe Dress

    Stripe Midriff Shirt/ Denim Playsuit

    02. Sailor Tops

    Sailor Top/ Denim Skirt

    03. Off-shoulder Tops

    White Off-shoulder blouse/ Off-shoulder Stripe Shirt/ Off-shoulder Blue Floral Blouse

    04. Mid Calf Skirts and Printed Flare Skirts

    Black Pleated Skirt/ White Skirt/ Denim Skirt/ Sunflower Blue Skirt/ Coconut Trees Print Skirt/ Black Mesh Skirt