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  2. New Hair Color by Studio Fix

    After almost 3 years of growing out my natural hair color, staying away from hair dye because of my terrible bleached hair history: my hair was too damaged for any color after. (You can read more here and here.) I finally had the chance to color my hair again!

    It was a good excuse because it was for a shoot, and I don’t have to pay for anything. I will let you know more about that soon. But you have probably seen some BTS photos on my instagram already.

    I went to the new Studio Fix at the glorious Century City Mall in Makati. Everything about the place was chic.

    They let you wear this robes before they start on anything. A must for me since I get too cold easily. Looks like I’m about to go to a spa right?

    After shampooing and conditioning my hair, they started applying the color.

    About the color, I don’t know what shade exactly. Since its for a shoot, I just trusted them with what color they think will suit me. Mike, the senior hair stylist told me that any hair color would suit me cause I’m fair. I believed him cause he’s the genius behind Mond Gutierrez’s lustrous silver hair.

    They lightened my hair first, not with bleach but an organic hair lightener, which explains the ORANGE roots in this picture.

    After lightening my hair, they applied an ash brown color.

    All throughout the visit, I had hot coffee with me, I think I finished two cups! My trip to the salon took about 5 hours. The coloring was fast but what really took most of time was drying and straightening cause my hair was that damn thick and curly, haha!

    It didn’t bother me though, they have fast free WIFI so I can play from my Spotify playlist, and I had this Shailene Woodley magazine cover with me! Her interview and spread inside changed my life. Ugghh she’s too perfect. I think I’ll go watch TFIOS again for the nth time.

    After waiting, ta-da! Softer lighter hair! I swear it’s the best my hair has been and color didn’t damage my hair. I luhhh it so much!

    They also had my hair straight cut so its shorter now. It looks like and instant hair ad! Bye bye flyaway layers!

    Thanks Studio Fix by Alex Carbonell and Cynos for my hair transformation!

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  4. @clothesbuffetmanila @nuffnangph #clothesbuffetmanila #prettypennyproductions

  5. @clothesbuffetmanila @nuffnangph #clothesbuffetmanila #prettypennyproductions