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  2. Pick it, Zip it, Keep it with Clothes Buffet Manila

    We all get excited when we go to an eat-all-you-can buffet. Simply because we think it’s the most worth it way of spending money for food.

    You get to try any food you like from the huge number of choices and you’ll get to experience different kind of cuisines without getting to move from one resto to another. Specially without waiting for the food to be cooked and without you having to look at which meal can fit your budget. Plus you always leave feeling full and satisfied. Which is just the greatest feeling ever.

    So how awesome would it be if it were a grab-all-you-can clothes buffet? Ever thought about it ladies?

    I think we all have dreamed about going on a shopping spree at least once in our lifetime.

    Well now, you don’t have to dream about it anymore! Because Clothes Buffet Manila had thought about how they can turn those dreams into reality!

    Imagine getting to take home everything you can fit in a shopping bag, all items branded, for just Php1,999! It will be such a steal!

    OMG! That just totally reminds me of The Bling Ring movie! Remember the teenagers that were stealing from famous celebrity’s closets? I can totally imagine myself being in that movie while doing this Clothes Buffet Challenge. Without the police of course, ‘cause this is totally legal.

    So let’s get started!

    I’ll explain to you everything about how this experience works.

    First, you have to BOOK.

    Clothes Buffet Manila will start their first season this coming October 17-18 and you have to book a wave on which time you’ll be participating.

    Each wave will last 15 minutes and you’ll be given 1 zip lock shopping bag for you to fill.

    Once you’re inside the buffet floor, you’ll have to follow these three steps.

    1. Pick it.

    You’ll have 30,000 pieces to choose from! Imagine you’re inside a celebrity’s closet, like Paris Hilton’s or Lindsay Lohan’s. All you have to do is choose the items that’ll make you fabulous. Something you can style many ways. Just make sure everything you’ve chosen is worth it!

    2. Zip it.

    The goal is to get everything you’ve chosen to fit the buffet bag. The record stands at 15 items. Think you can beat that? I think you can, haha! Just remind yourself not to break the bag. Or you’ll have to pay Php100 for a new bag.

    3.Keep it.

    How awesome is that?

    Everything you have successfully placed inside the bag is yours to keep!

    Now all you have to do is strut and show everyone what you bought.

    Stay fabulous everyone and don’t forget to bring a friend!

    For more details follow Clothes Buffet Manila on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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  3. (Tees and Things black and white romper, Choies heels and Jellybean bag; Hype this on lookbook.nu here)

    Another chic black and white outfit using my new favorite leather bag from Jellybean. Just one of the items I bought when I went on a shopping spree with them. Which you can read all about here.

    About the title, have you heard about Jessica Jung’s upcoming brand Blanc? I bet it’s something black and white enthusiast and kpop fans like me would anticipate about. I can’t wait to see all the chic pieces she will be releasing. I know she won’t go wrong ‘cause.. you know she’s Jessica, and she’s pretty much on top of her fashion game. She makes black and white so modern and sexy. Just google her airport outfits, haha!

    Me, being a big fan of monochrome looks, I think there’s just something really cool about wearing black and white. You wear something so simple that it just makes who you are stand out.

  4. SM Beauty Doll Glam

    Last month, I did a campaign for the SM Store beauty section in collaboration with Mega Magazine for the concept “Doll Glam”.

    Last July 25-27 was the celebration of that campaign, this time in cooperation with events100 (still under One Mega Group inc- the publisher of Meg and Mega).

    (I was one of the main visuals for the event. There were screens everywhere showing AVP of how you can recreate the four main “DOLL GLAM” looks. The cute, pretty, hippie and sexy looks.)

    The weekend was a makeover heaven. Ladies got to enjoy FREE MAKEOVER, from makeup, hair down to the nails!

    The cutex section where you can do nail art for free!

    My niece, Rica, enjoying her free nail art. Some of the guests are taking her pictures too! What a cutie!

    Other participating brands and their KAWAII booths. (Dolly Wink, Heroine Make, Pixy and Palty.)

    The main event however was held at SM North The block last July 26, wherein real life dolls Alodia Gosiengfiao and Tricia Gosingtian was invited to do a Doll Glam challenge.

    (Backstage selfie with these major babes.)

    I was invited by events100 to be one of the dollies to be dolled up by either Tricia or Alodia. Being a big fan of Tricia, I specifically asked if I can be paired with her and thankfully they agreed haha! Backstage, we are both giddy that we are paired with each other.

    (Photos from Jio Verona)

    During the Doll Glam challenge, Tricia and Alodia were asked to create a DOLL GLAM look to each of the models using participating brands all available at the SM Store Beauty Section. Both of their favorites are lashes from Dolly Wink!

    (Photos from Kira Hokuten)

    Tricia is using Max Factor Wild Mega Volume for the lashes.

    Tricia is using Nyx Adorable eyeshadow palette. I think Tricia did her trademark winged eye makeup on me. Similar to her blog post here.

    (Photos from Tricia Gosingtian)

    Since Tricia is a huge fashion inspiration, It’s no surprise that we’re both wearing off-shoulder tops,puffy skirt and black heels! Like Tricia said, we are definitely made for each other.

    Tricia is the best and I’m just so happy that somehow we have this idol-fan relationship. She even calls me bb Ruth! Haha I would love her forevs.

    Photo op with the host, Nicole Andersson, Tricia Gosingtian, Alodia Gosiengfiao and her model Alyssa after the demo.

    What a transformation, huh? What do you think about the final look? I think it’s super KAWAII. Can’t wait to recreate this look for everyday makeup!

    After the show. I went gaga and posed together with my blown up self on the LCD screen, haha!

    I would definitely like to thank SM Beauty, Watsons and One Mega Group’s Mega Magazine and Events 100 for making me a huge part of this prestigious trend and event.

    Hoping I get to be part of the next campaigns too! *crosses fingers*

    And thank you to my family and friends who went with me. I always feel blessed when I’m with them. ^_^

    If you want a recap and would like to try the DOLL GLAM looks for yourself, here are some tutorial photos from Watsons Philippines.

    Stay tuned for my next post about the DOLL GLAM series!

  5. Jellybean Shopping Spree + Look!

    Last July 26, Meg Magazine held is 16th anniversary party at Club Haze, Fort Strip, Taguig.

    On that night, I was chosen to be one of the MEG Ladies of the night and I won 5,000php worth of shopping spree from Jellybean!

    (Here I am on stage, with the other Meg Ladies of The Night winners; Photo from Club Haze; Wearing Choies jacket and skirt)

    Jellybean is one of the country’s top female brands, offering trendy and girly pieces from clothing down to accessories. It’s definitely a must visit one-stop-shop if your a shopaholic young adult like me. Most of their designs go well together so it’ll be very easy for you to find a whole look that’s appropriate for any occasion!

    Their clothes are arranged according to color, denim, pink, pastels, navy, etc. (Sorry for the lack of photo, I was too excited to shop!)

    Here are their choices of sunnies and cute pastel heels and flats.

    Only 500php each for these pair of heels? Yes please!

    Jellybean usually have SALES all year round so I recommend you keep up to date with their latest promos on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM.

    Their displays are just too cute!

    Just some of the choices I picked out.

    I am just obsessed with white midi skirts.

    And here’s my niece Rica looking so cute!

    I wish Jellybean would sell baby clothes too! It wouldn’t be too hard since their designs are already dainty anyway.

    What I bought with my 5,000php shopping spree. I can’t believe this look is less than 3,00php!

    Top, skirt, bag and earrings, all from Jellybean!

    Instant MODE fashion! Been looking for off-shoulder tops like this. And doesn’t this black skirt remind you of Girls’ Generation during their Mr. Mr. promotions? I’m an obsessed SoShi.

    Here I am all smiles after shopping. Yay for free clothes and accessories!

    Thanks again to Jellybean and Meg Magazine!