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Ruth Jimenez

is a 20-yr old model/blogger from the Philippines.
She shares her love for fashion, beauty, and women empowerment in this blog she considers her online scrapbook.

I AM MEG Season 2 finalist.
View videos, photos and BTS of Meg's reality show HERE.


All photos © Ruth Jimenez unless otherwise stated.
Please do not use them without permission.

I'm open for hosting, print ad, runway, film, etc.
For inquiries, kindly send an email to
or message me on facebook.


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(Choies dope cap; Sheinside sweat pants; Romwe boots; W.E. Garage crop top and Thrifted leather jacket; Hype this on here.)

You may be thinking, sweat pants in public? No way! But with the popularity of it increasing, seeing it in many models’ off duty looks, with top models like Cara Delevingne sporting the look, you’d really want to give it a try.

My favorite is this pants I bought from Sheinside, you can check out tons of ways to wear it HERE. I believe it compliments any woman who wears it. And isn’t it just the best life hack ever? Haha!

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(Choies plaid shirt and leather pants, W.E. Garage crop top and Romwe studded boots; Hype this on here.)

I just received this awesome overall look from Choies, my first order from them, and I can’t believe the quality of it! I think Choies offers one of the cheapest among top online brands but the quality of the style and the fabric is so amazing!

Plaid shirt is a must for every girl. Now that’s 90s fashion has beginning to take off again. If your fond of casual, grunge festival style, you’ll know why plaid is a very handy piece to have.

All this Coachella hypeness has made my hands reaching out for crop tops again. This blazing sun just gives me no reason to wear the bottom half of the shirts anymore, I can’t even wear this plaid shirt closed! But you may be wondering, why am I wearing this freakkin’ leather pants on such a hot day? I don’t know Choies did it but it’s so comfortable to wear even in this steamy weather.

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(ROMWE metal collar white button down, Fashion Infinity asymmetric shorts, and Choies suede pointy heels; Hype this on lookbook here.)

Yesterday is the last stage performance of Girls’ Generation’s Mr. Mr. promotions. But I’m still not over obsessing with their looks and different takes on their androgynous theme.

So here’s another mild Mr. Mr. inspired look. Remember their white button downs with colorful statement necklaces? And on their last stage they’re also wearing sheer button downs and pointy strap heels similar to this look.

Here are a closer view of the button down I received from ROMWE and my studded statement necklace.