1. Kitty Overload

    (Fayeness glasses and top, Shorts from a random tiangge and Tees and Things ballet flats; Hype this look on lookbook.nu here)

    This look is what I wore on normal days, a simple friend gathering or maybe even a day to the mall. Adding the Hello Kitty glasses, makes this look playful and sweet.

    Won this shirt and glasses from another giveaway hosted by Ms. Crissey and Fayeness shop! Isn’t it cute? Well you don’t have to be a kid to wear Hello Kitty anymore. Magically, I feel so cute and sexy in this loose top! I’m just saying you don’t have to wear bodycon dresses or tops to show your curves. Sometimes all you need to look and feel sexy is to have confidence.

    I feel so happy in this look, I took more than enough photos to put on my blog.

    So what do you think about this look? Too cute? Or too childish? Haha! Leave a comment!

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