1. Acne sweatshirt x Studded boots

    (Sheinside Acne sweatshirt; ROMWE Studded buckle boots; and pleather leggings from UK; Hype this on lookbook.nu here.)

    Another basic black, white and gold look from me. I don’t know why I’m obsessed with this mix but it’s just to classy and chic it’s too hard not to stick with it.

    This acne sweatshirt was the item I chose when Sheinside asked me if I can cooperate with them. I have been a fan of Sheinside ever since but I don’t have enough followers to apply for their blogger program so I was very ecstatic when I received an email from them. This was the first item I ever received from Sheinside and I tell you, I’ve fallen in love with this sweatshirt.

    I actually saw this sweatshirt first on the Sheinside website. Then I started seeing it in street style snaps on japanese mags (Vivi 2-14 issue). So I started searching for inspirations on how to wear it and I saw Xiao Wen Ju - just one of the many asian top models and fashion icons I’m crazy about, wearing it during fashion week! And that’s when I knew I need to have this sweatshirt.

    (ROMWE leather jacket and boots)

    And speaking of fashion week, I’ve been so obsessed with the recent Fall Winter 2014 shows, I think I’m switching up my seasons! In my mind it’s still too chilly to wear short skirts and midribs! When everyone’s to hot to even wear anything, here I am all covered up, ha! Maybe it’s the cold summer nights.

    By the way I still have two ongoing giveaways in my blog. If you want fancy $200 lace dress, go HERE. If you want to receive your $400 wishlist for free, go HERE.

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